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lunes, 1 de julio de 2013

! We are famous !

Hola dear families in USA  :)

July first, time flies, huh? Three exciting weeks in Valencia left behind and three more to come. Besides our spanish classes in the mornings and the artistic activities in the afternoons we had fascinating optional activities that your kids enjoyed during this past week.  We visited the Museo de Bellas Artes where students  saw paintings from Goya, El Greco, Velazquez, Sorolla, Ribera  and March among some. We also went to Valencia International Film Festival where we watched the renowned spanish movie  “Blancanieves”.

Last Tuesday  was time for ties, beautiful dresses and elegant suits. Reason: Visit to Valencia City Hall. A representative from the local government received the group in the main room where politicians debate  different laws for Valencianos. Valencia Council Member Emilio del  Toro’s  speech about Indiana University Honors Program  highlighted the  high level of spanish of our students and stated it was an honor to have the best students  from Indiana in Valencia. This event was so relevant  that we made the news!


                To close the week  we decided to move our 206 bones with the Dance Day on Friday. So you should demand your kids to teach you all the latin and spanish dances they learned with us and dance those with the whole family in the living room. I will suggest to dance with them Asereje,  Waka-waka and different group songs . After those dances you will probably have to change the floor.

                On Saturday we went to Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias where we felt like in a different planet with all those futuristic buildings. We visited the largest  aquarium in Europe where we saw a dolphin show and plenty of sea animals. Some of the kids also visited the  Museum of Science and got an idea to invent a machine where they could transport people from Indiana to Valencia in few seconds. Let's see if at the end they can build it!

                One last thing, your kids approached me yestesday after lunch and told me to let you know these few but strong words: I LOVE YOU  FAMILY! THANKS FOR LETTING ME ENJOY THIS EXPERIENCE IN VALENCIA!

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  1. WHS lookin' good! Anxious to hear stories, their sweet new accents/vocab and overall mad Spanish skills when they come back. Sending love!!!

    Sra HT de Westfield <3