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martes, 9 de julio de 2013

Independence Day on the beach and excursion to Africa!

Hola Familias!

 4 weeks already ! How time flies! Just two more weeks in magic Valencia.

Our most important event last week, as it should be, was Independence Day on Thursday. We played the national anthem (instrumental) before starting classes, we ate hamburguers and hot dogs for lunch in the cafeteria and we celebrated it  with games and splashes on the Mediterranean sea (see picture uploaded). 

Last Tuesday, we saw some Picasso´s mitological drawings in a cultural center.  The exhibition was very interesting for most of our kids who like this famous spanish painter.

Wednesday was recreational day where students had the chance to play sports, walk, run and talk in a beautiful valenciano park.
We picked Friday for the spanish movie in the school. This time was a thriller that made our kids scream, bite their nails and hide under the tables. You could watch the film by yourselves out there (it is not a horror movie).  The movie is called “El Orfanato” (kind of similar to “the Others”) but pick the original (spanish) version  since there was an american remake. The movie is available in Netflix. Be sure you watch it with someone else otherwise you will have to sleep under the bed.  

On Saturday we went to Africa. We had the chance to see lots of animals that are not in the Indianapolis nor Chicago zoo. If you are wondering if we really went to the other continent the answer is no. But we felt like in Africa in a zoo that is called Bioparc. There were magnificent open spaces, high temperature, african landscape and almost all the animals we could see in the Lion King and Ice Age films.  

Last Sunday, a group of students went to Museo Fallero where they could see the most famous ninots from Fallas (one of the most important celebrations in Valencia that takes place in March). And finally, on Sunday a group of students attended a play in one of the fanciest theatres in Valencia. What a busy week! This year we have broken the record for more optional activities for a Valencia group!

Barcelona is coming this weekend and your kids are very excited to see and explore this wonderful city!!!!!!!!!

On behalf of Valencia team 2013,

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