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sábado, 15 de junio de 2013

Dear families in USA,

I am glad to let you know that our first week in  Valencia has been great!. The kids have spent it with their host families talking about Valencia, eating spanish food during dinner and enjoying the weather. Day one was for the orientacion with students and host families where we went over the program rules again. They also had their first day in the restaurant where they  had their first contact with spanish food. During the first week they ate squid, paella valenciana with rabbit, valenciana salad, two kinds of fish from the region and a special dessert called natilla. They have also eaten tortilla española ( scrambled eggs with potatoes and rice) at home and 
other yummy spanish food!. We visited Old Valencia last Friday and they learned about  Valencia important historic sites such as Serranos Towers (main entrance to Valencia during XIV century), The Cathedral (where the Holy Grail is kept), the Virgin Square (famous for its Neptune fountain), The Queen Square (where they can try churros, tapas and ice creams with interesting spanish food flavors) and La Lonja (Unesco Site). The tour ended in a traditional market where your kids could see the different fruits, seafood and meat valencianos often buy. Our first optional activity also took place last Saturday and this was a visit to L'Almoina (Roman Ruins under Valencia). They really liked the tour around this site. But not everything has been been visiting historical places. Guess what?   They have already gone to the beach to enjoy the Mediterranean sea and its sun ( with  sunblock and many  big bottles of water!).

They told me to let you know that they miss you a lot and thank you  for the opportunity  you have given them to enjoy Valencia and have memorable moments at a so young age!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings from fantastic Valencia!

Valencia team 2013

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  1. Thank you for the update!

  2. Second week will bring more emotions :) If you have any message for your kid (or anyone would like to send a message) just let me know.